Starting over is never easy. You have to humble yourself and swallow your pride. You have to forget old habits yet you have to remember the lessons learnt. You have to endure the constant self doubt and brace yourself when you see others who have begun at the same starting line overtaking you. You have to remind yourself success is different for each person. It takes guts to admit you failed. It takes optimism to believe you will rise again from the ashes. It takes every ounce of strength to pick yourself up and step into the new unknown. You’ll need a thick hide to weather rejection time and time again. You’ll need the same thick hide to hustle for opportunities. There is no guarantee of victory, there are only scars to show you fought valiantly. What’s it all for, you wonder? For pride and glory? But you will be wiser for each time you fall. Stronger with each blow you took. One day, you will cross the finish line and realise this is where you have always wanted to be. And how grateful you are to have the courage to start over today.

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