The header image is taken from one of my favourite memes that says:

 “In a world full of princesses, dare to be Batman”.

Doesn’t that apply to us all? Be it as business owners or storytellers, we want to be noticed and ultimately be loved. To do so, we must have the courage to embrace what makes us unique. We must be bold in claiming what makes us authentic.

serene, good brand story, rotterdam, netherlandsMy name is Serene. I remember writing my first story when I was eight. It was a project I undertook to entertain my younger sister. I was boldly attempting a horror tale, conjuring small plots every night before we slept and told a bed time story that would span over weeks. We roomed with our aunt and often, my sister would wake her up with an involuntary gasp or a horrified squeal, to which we received a scolding for not sleeping. Then came the school holiday and I decided to pen the story. Sheets and sheets of foolscap paper, filled with meticulously penciled words, were eventually bound into a file with plastic fasteners. Voila! My first creation. The first of many memories in my life which cemented my love for writing.

I wanted to extend my love for writing into adulthood. Having graduated with a business degree with a double major in marketing and corporate communications, it was my dream to carve out a career that incorporated business, creativity and writing.

However the years that followed were peppered with various work stints in the field of business that had a little to do with writing and nothing much to do with creativity. I was climbing the corporate ladder with an unfulfilled emptiness lingering in my heart.

One day, I took a leap of faith and started my own online fashion business. And it was as if I had awoken from a long sleep. I realised how positively different it felt to do something you love. There was a steep learning curve initially, the necessity to be more hands-on, but it was everything I wanted to do – business, creativity, writing and so much more! I was motivated and challenged, I came alive. I immersed myself in the world of e-commerce, applying what I knew so far, but more importantly, constantly learning new things about the industry.

For eight years, I worked hard and built a successful business. I worked on weekends and often late into the night. I even worked during my vacation. It never felt tiring, I was buzzing with motivation. Then in 2016, I lost my beloved grandfather. Grief broke me apart and finally I was forced to stop for a breather because I could no longer work through the heartbreak and pain. Not only did I feel like I lost a part of me, my zeal and motivation fizzled out. It felt like time had stopped. I needed to heal.

During this time, I did some freelance writing and consulting for a few friends who are also entrepreneurs. Gradually I felt a new dream has been put in my heart. After going through the mill of working in e-commerce, not only have I gained new skills and experiences, I realise I now want to help others by sharing what I know and continue my passion for business, creativity and writing. Good Brand Story is the next step in my evolution as an entrepreneur.

super hero storytelling.jpg

Good Brand Story offers copywriting service in English and Chinese as well as brand storytelling consultation. Based in Rotterdam, in The Netherlands, I work with companies – big and small, across Europe and Asia, to create compelling brand stories and writings that resonate with prospective clients.

I don’t evaluate every opportunity based on profit. I am driven by wanting to construct a good story strategy, write a good story and create meaningful connections while doing so.

I value transparency and integrity and you will find this embedded in the way I work.

I believe good writing can instantly form a powerful connection with readers. It is an art to write beautifully and effectively. It is mastery to write to move someone’s heart. And with each piece of writing I craft, that is my goal.

I believe that a successful brand storytelling strategy not only sets the client up for success, but also enables them to attend to their customers with more integrity and love. A great work day would mean hearing about how a story strategy creates an emotional connection that inspires my client’s client!

Would you like to explore what we can do together for your business? Let’s have a chat!

Oh, back to daring to be Batman:  Many times in life, when I listened to my heart and took the path less traveled, I ended up with delightful surprises and surprising successes. I encourage you to champion authenticity – be it in your personal or professional life!