Jenny was my first client. She owned a brand that began humbly as handmade jewelry but progressed eventually to intricate floral bridal hair accessories as Jenny adored flowers. In the early years, her success was overwhelming because of the uniqueness of her designs. Then came the competitors. Ruthless copycats desperate for a piece of the profitable pie. Being overworked and constantly worrying about the future of her brand eroded any remnant of inspiration to create. Jenny felt she was sinking. She cried, she raged, then came the resolve to survive no matter what. She loved her work and she was determined not to let anyone stop her from creating. She wanted to fight back. Together we crafted a new narrative that allowed Jenny to share her love of flowers with her audience. Competitors can copy your products, they cannot replicate your story. With a new brand storytelling strategy to helm her branding and marketing direction, Jenny broke free from her competitors and now is happier doing meaningful work with clients who truly adore her creations, who tell others about her, who support her brand philosophy.

A good brand story is about showing authenticity, getting to the core of your values, and developing a meaningful relationship with your audience. This lays the foundation for customer loyalty and unwavering love. A love so steadfast, it would weather competition and distractions. A loyalty so fierce, it compels returning purchases.

Have you been struggling with your brand story strategy? Have you lost out to competitors, failed to engage potential clients and felt it impossible to win their love, much less garner their loyalty?

Read on to understand why brand story is important. Or explore the services which can help your business. Remember, for you a new brand story is just an email away!