Brand story strategy and copywriting in English are the two main services offered here at Good Brand Story.

My name is Serene. Based in Rotterdam, my main aim is to help companies in Netherlands and Europe engage with their audience through storytelling. Together we can come up with a story strategy that is built on insight and authenticity.

Writing is my forte. I am driven to help businesses in EU craft meaningful, effective copy that could establish a compelling English presence online and offline. Europe is a big continent, made up of different countries with different cultures and of course, people speak different languages. This means it is difficult to find the right copywriting help if you wish to write in English. I can do it. Let me create your English copy so you can focus on other important tasks.

I am bilingual, being fluent in Chinese and I understand the Chinese culture. Having grown up in Singapore, I was educated in both English and Chinese, and excelled in both languages. (I also did French in high school, and have continued that till today.) If your company is looking to expand in China and need any help at all with Chinese, I’m your person.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your branding and copywriting needs!