My passion is not just to help you craft your brand story. I make it my mission to help you find a voice of authenticity and shine through as a brand that will be loved. From there, I hope it leads you onto the yellow brick road towards victory.

Living in The Netherlands, I have the privilege of discovering brands unique to the Benelux region, and much of Western Europe. When faced with a choice, I realise the power storytelling has on me as a consumer. A while back, I was introduced to a small olive farm in Italy. It costs more to buy olive oil from them than from the supermarket, yet because I support their ethos of organic cultivation, I choose to give them my business. Three times a year without fail, I order clothing from a particular company in UK. I am part of their brand narrative because I identify with their value of freedom.

When love and loyalty enter the picture, cost and competitors pose no threat.

While brands now have access to a larger audience that goes beyond geographical location, competition has also increased. How can you generate interest and acquire customers who will take action? How can you retain their loyalty and also have them tell others about your business?


I believe storytelling is the answer.

Brand success will be achieved by staying true to who we are and championing that authenticity. Because originality will never go out of fashion. Being true to oneself will never backfire. I will work with you to explore the heart and soul of your brand. Your motivations, your passion, your hopes and dreams, they matter. The people you work with, how you conduct your business, the values you uphold – these contribute to your competitive advantage.

Let’s work together to define your brand purpose and develop a strategy to stand out and stand firm in the competitive marketplace. I hope by using storytelling in your branding and marketing approach, it will pave the way for you to connect with your customers, make a difference to their lives and ultimately grow a successful and sustainable business.

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