Have you reached the point in your business where what used to worked previously no longer does? Do you sense that a change is imminent, a new approach might be the boost the business needs? As your company evolves, so should its branding. It is now the perfect time to think about your brand story if you haven’t before.

You are here because you understand the importance of using stories to engage audience. You are considering the approach of storytelling for your business because you care. Unlike paying for a Facebook ad and checking how many viewers click the “Like” button yet not really knowing if the liking will translate to buying, you probably realised that the sustainable solution to retaining clients in the long run is to make them love you and reward you with their loyalty.

Developing a storytelling strategy might not boost your sales overnight. But just like planting a seed, it will ground you, root you and allow you to make steady progress towards becoming a brand that matters to your customers. In a time when copycats are abound and competition is stiff, your authenticity is an asset that could be turned into a competitive advantage.

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me here or via email at hello@goodbrandstory.com.

You could be uncertain about taking the next step. Don’t worry about it. We can still have a conversation and exchange ideas. No matter the size of your company, regardless of your budget, please feel free to reach out and say hi. (:

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