You seldom get a second chance at first impression.

Do you go straight to the About page each time you visit a new website? Have you read some great stories about the business that left you a positive impression? Likewise, have you chanced upon some poorly written stuff that did not inspire any confidence at all, hence you immediately left the site?

I have analysed countless About pages and I truly enjoy discovering those that were not only well written, but strategically so. A lot of times, I got a glimpse into the world of these brands and instantly felt a connection. The stories were memorable and there was always a strong call for the readers to take action.

Your “About” page is not merely a platform to offer information to potential customers. It is an ideal setting for a part of your brand story to unfold. The way you craft your product description pages goes beyond persuading the customer to click the order button. It plays a part in showing how and why you care. It communicates the value of your product and service. Blogging not only reels in traffic but more importantly, it establishes you as the voice of authority over a subject matter related to your business.

The heart of your website is your About page. I want to help you realise what a gold mine that can be and show you how to best capitalise on it. Let me help in crafting your “About” page so that it draws in your potential clients, give them the pleasure of discovering you, provide an opportunity for them to get to know you and convert them into customers who will buy from you.

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