Delovely was my first project, and it was also my longest one. From building the site, to designing it, to copywriting for the main pages, I did it all.


How to set the brand apart from similar competitors.

How to communicate the value a client can receive from ordering a Delovely product.

How to go beyond the physical item of accessories and give the brand a meaning, as well as base it on a trait that is authentic to the business and the brand.


When a customer buys a Delovely item, they usually are enthusiastic about the customising process. By emphasizing the uniqueness of a customised product means the client gets more value than a generic product. Since most clients purchase the accessories for a special occasion, such as for weddings, a personalised item has more meaning.

Customers often purchase more than one item, and give these accessories as gifts to their bridal party and guests. The goal is to associate Delovely as a brand that champions love, because the act of giving is an act of love. A wedding a ritual to celebrate love. A brand that advocates love in this case could also expand its reach to other product lines and services, while championing the message of love.


In this case, the copywriting is essential in conveying ideas of love. It is also important to explain to potential clients why they should own a Delovely product instead of going to other competitors. A brand story that helms on love allows Delovely to step away from competing on lowering prices (as many crafters and artisans often are forced to do), and focus on delivering artisanal work to customers who believe in Delovely and delight in owning a Delovely creation.