The Cousins Trading is a company based in Netherlands. This is an international distributor of fine wines and we got to work together for their trade show in China.

I was primarily in charge of translating an English brochure and a flyer to Chinese, which was a joy to work on for a wine aficionado such as myself. I also drafted an email for the company in Chinese and suggested a Chinese brand name for them to use when interacting with their Chinese clients. Some of the translated content has also been used on their website, which is helpful for their Asian clients who might not understand English.

As an Asian who lives in Europe, I could weigh in a little on how different it is to do business in these two varying landscape. One unique thing for Chinese companies is how they appreciate building good relationships with their business partners. For a company that is interested in expanding to China, it is important to assure your Chinese partners that not only are you serious, trustworthy and responsible, you value relationships.

On a personal level, Chinese people value kinship and family ties. It would add to a company’s advantage to show their Chinese counterparts that as a business, you share similar values as them, which I believe The Cousins Trading has succeeded in doing.

The Cousins Trading has a memorable brand name that cuts across the noise in today’s crowded marketplace. This is a good brand name because it is indeed a family business co-owned by two cousins who share a passion for wine. This meaningful aspect of their story inspired me to come up with the Chinese brand name they have today, which I am certain will also appeal to the Chinese businesses they collaborate with. With such a meticulously thought out brand name, The Cousins Trading has primed themselves in telling their brand story with great care and authenticity.

Working with The Cousins Trading was a positive experience. I always receive clear instructions and constructive feedback. I am also appreciative of the endorsement on LinkedIn for my translation skill. This project has been a pleasure for me to work on and I look forward to our next collaboration!

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